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2019: Offering the best possible IT service for small businesses

In this week’s blog post, Managing Director Aden looks at IT innovations of the past, and discusses what we’re implementing next and why he thinks they’re going to become commonplace in the industry.


Back in 2003 the idea of providing remote IT support was in its infancy. So much so, that at the time I couldn’t name another IT company offering the service, including the company I worked at before starting Prodigy.

We offered it, and the amazement, shock and concerns of being able to take over a computer remotely, along with poor internet speeds were just two of the hurdles I faced in getting customers on board. By far the biggest challenge though, was getting people to appreciate the charges involved despite them not being able to see an engineer face-to-face.

Fast forward 16 years to today, and that has completely flipped on it’s head with remote support now accounting for over 80% of the work we carry out!

Moving on from 2003, a few years later we were one of the first, if not the first IT company in the local area to adopt online backups. Again we had similar challenges in terms of internet speed, charges and concerns about data security, but now the idea of manually rotating tapes or drives fills most people with dread.

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Our greatest triumph that continues to be fairly unique in the market, is our unlimited support and assigned engineers. People weren’t picking up the phone for fear of unexpected charges, and the pain of customers dealing with different engineers on a day-to day basis was clear, so we created our support packages with these challenges in mind.

Since starting Prodigy in 2003, I feel happy and proud that we have embraced the latest technology to improve the services to our clients and whilst we have made the very occasional mistake along the way, I am still just as excited about the continued evolution of Prodigy and our clients.

Our focus to deliver the best possible service is now ingrained in the company culture, and underpins everything we do, and as we embark on a new year I find myself looking ahead at the services that I know and feel will again put us ahead of the competition and help the businesses we support move forward.

This year I strongly believe that our Platinum Support and Managed Hardware services will come of age, much like services of the past. Taking away the pain point of having large capital hardware refreshes every three to five years that can drastically impact cash flow, covering the security challenges and concerns by offering proactive managed and updates, reducing lengthy repair times by offering a simple swap of machines and providing all-inclusive setups to remove any upfront costs have all been designed to help businesses remove some of the headache they face and to ensure their IT continues to grow with them.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the services I’ve mentioned, please feel free to get in touch, either via our contact page or by giving us a call on 01258 442 888.