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3 Reasons Managed IT Support isn’t scary

We look after a lot of businesses, whose previous support was with a one-man-band IT company. Just to clarify before we launch into this post, we have nothing against small IT operations, Prodigy actually started as one with just Aden supporting customers, but we find we often speak to businesses who have been using IT support which they outgrew some time ago, due to a fear of the unknown. So we’re here to tell you why if you have been uhmming and ahhing about seeking out more advanced IT support, it’s probably not quite as scary as you think.

You’ll still be looked after
One of the reasons one-man-bands are so great, is that when you pick up the phone with an issue, a friendly and familiar voice answers. You know that they know your IT setup, so you don’t have to worry about explaining things which you don’t fully understand.

That’s why when looking to advance your IT support, it’s worth seeking out a company who offer assigned engineers. We have three brilliant engineers, Chris, Jordan, and Kyle on the end of the phone – and every new customer is assigned one of them. This means the personal touch isn’t lost, you’ll still have one point of contact who knows your system and setup inside out, and you won’t be passed from pillar to post.


It levels the industry playing field
As a growing business, you might look at your larger industry competitors and think ‘well I could have that much success if I had an unlimited budget for an IT Manager and engineers to make sure our IT is always working.’ By outsourcing to a well-resourced IT company you can access a wealth of experience and years of IT knowledge at a fraction of the cost of staff salaries.

For businesses where hiring an IT Manager isn’t feasible, money can still be saved on managed support by eliminating the need for staff to spend their valuable time on IT problems, and it provides insurance against more serious problems which involve the network going down, because downtime can be minimised, reducing expensive downtime and the stress that comes with it.

Problems can be fixed quickly
Being able to invest in high-end software and support tools, more advanced IT companies who look after business IT on an ongoing managed basis are more able to spot problems before they cause you a downtime issue – saving you time, stress, and money in the process. In the event that an issue does occur, a larger pool of resources means a vastly reduced response time.

So if you’ve been thinking about finding IT support that can accommodate the needs of your growing business, don’t panic. A bigger IT company doesn’t mean you’ll lose the personal service that you value.