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Why your marketing department will love VoIP

We talk a lot about the benefits of VoIP when it comes to improving communication within teams, and between businesses and their customers, but there are a set of features which often get a mention, but don’t generally get their own explanation. In this post, we’re focusing on the features which will make your marketing team glow with happiness.

Hunt groups

Efficiently distribute calls across your team. This could be anything from evenly attributing calls to the handsets of your admin team, to calls ringing people in sequence. What’s this got to do with marketing? Spreading out the calls means a reduced wait time for customers phoning in, which means they’re likely to be impressed

Customers often get frustrated when they call companies and are met with an engaged tone if the line is busy. This frustration can lead them to develop a negative brand perception. Not only does VoIP allow you to have multiple people answering the same line with ease, but it gives you lots of customisation options and therefore control over, their experience whilst waiting to speak to a member of your team.

Call waiting

If all of your call-takers are busy, they can have a short wait until someone is available to take the call rather than relying on them to leave a voicemail or call back later. Brilliant news for marketing teams, if a new business prospect calls and is kept on the phone.

Hold music and messages

Hold music allows you to set the tone, promote your messages and let your customer know they’re in a call queue. If you’re considering implementing a VoIP telephone system, it would be a great idea to bring your marketing department in on the action to get their thoughts on customer experience from the moment they finish dialling your number.

Auto Attendant

Give menu options for call routing so that customers can choose to speak to a relevant team – not only a great time saver, it helps customers to feel like they’re able to get straight through to the department they need to speak to, without having to be put on hold and passed from person to person.

Diversion Inhibitor

On that note, if you feel like calls do get passed around too much within your organisation and it takes some time to resolve issues, you can implement diversion inhibitor to limit the number of times calls are transferred.