IT Support Dorset

IT Support on speed dial – why it’s necessary

So many aspects of modern business is heavily reliant on technology for all sorts of operations from payroll to sales, customer service to HR and everything in between!

When it works, technology can really help your business by supporting your people in carrying out their job roles to propel you forward, however, with this reliance comes a downside.

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What happens when it all goes wrong?

PCs can suffer hard drive failure, or present you with the ‘blue screen of death’ for seemingly no reason. Viruses designed to glean business critical data from networks can take hold, and software updates can contain bugs. All of these things and more, cause varying degrees of unpredicted interruptions to your workday, frustrating when the smooth running of your business is affected as a result.

Experiencing downtime curtails productivity, which in turn affects your bottom line. And not only this, if you are experiencing problems which affect your website or your customers’ ability to contact you, they’re being caused frustration which can also lose you potential sales!

More and more businesses and organisations are moving towards investing in managed IT support, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Whatever the size of your business, utilising managed IT providers means you’re benefiting from the economy of scale. Managed IT providers have whole teams of trained IT experts, which you can have access to for, most likely, a much lower cost than employing just one person in-house to look after all of your IT systems.

At Prodigy we see all sorts of problems on a daily basis. We fix laptop screens, we replace hard drives, we fit SSDs, we add memory to laptops, we implement new email systems, we build servers, we perform technology audits, we install VoIP phone systems, we implement VPNs so that staff members are able to work from home, we make security recommendations, we help businesses gain their Cyber Essentials accreditation, we work with businesses to make sure their IT networks work for them both practically and financially, we handle all aspects of computer support services under a monthly fee, we even offer managed hardware which will likely save you money in support in the long run – and much, much more!

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