VoIP Telephone Systems

Is VoIP reliable?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, is both the ‘now’ and the future of business telephone systems. Good providers offer a system which is both easily scalable and doesn’t have the outlay costs associated with traditional phone solutions. However, there’s still some unease about the reliability of relying on the internet to make and receive calls.

As much as 71% of leads are wasted due to delayed response times, and statistics show that most businesses take two days to return a phone call. (Forbes)

Based on the above statistic alone, having a phone system you can rely on should be a top priority – imagine if you could capture the majority of those escaping leads!

What is VoIP?

At a basic level, VoIP uses an internet connection to make calls, your voice being transmitted in the same way as data over the internet such as emails.

It’s undeniable that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has some brilliant benefits and features, with Is using the internet to make calls reliable?

It’s this which caused some reliability issues in the early days of VoIP, and it’s this that still makes people nervous now. However, the provision of reliable internet is improving day-by-day, and people who already use VoIP (Prodigy IT Solutions included) wouldn’t look back!

The reality is, that even in the event of a power outage, VoIP systems allow you to put a fail over system in place, forwarding calls to a secondary device in the event of a power cut so that you experience no interruption to your phone service.

VoIP is flexible

Traditional landline systems use copper wiring in order to function. To add another line to your business, the bill to install new wiring can be astronomical. In contrast, adding a new handset and number to your VoIP system is both simple, and cost-effective.

Not only this, but you can plug your VoIP handset into any reliable internet connection, and it will work!

In conclusion

Change is scary, and perhaps it’s partially the lack of physical copper wires which can make business owners feel uneasy when it comes to VoIP, but with internet reliability and speeds already excellent and improving all of the time, who wouldn’t want the flexibility and advanced business features which VoIP offers?