IT Support Dorset

Prep fee: what does it mean for you?

Being clear and transparent with our customers is something we’re incredibly passionate about. Over the last year we’ve overhauled our invoicing, so that what we charge for and how much has become much clearer at a glance.

We’re now taking it one step further by implementing a set-up or PREP fee, whilst reducing hardware pricing. Let us explain…

When you buy hardware from us say, a PC or laptop, we don’t just order it in and hand you the box with the new machine, we make sure it is completely prepared and ready for installation, with one of our engineers spending time in the workshop doing tasks such as:

  • Device renaming and adding to your support agreement
  • Installing Prodigy support tools and anti-virus
  • Installing patches (where possible)
  • Removing all non-required software to free up space
  • Carrying out hardware checks

This takes a considerable amount of time, and to-date this has been included in the pricing of our hardware. Whilst going forward all new workstations whether they have been purchased via Prodigy IT Solutions or not will require an onboarding and PREP fee of £85 ex VAT, we’ll be dropping our hardware pricing to reflect this.

Our thought process in doing this is that it will become even easier for Prodigy customers to see at a glance exactly what we’re charging for. We know how long a setup takes, but like a lot of things in IT – it’s something our customers aren’t necessarily aware of!

What this fee doesn’t include, is the configuration and installation specific to client requirements. Sometimes depending upon individual client needs this can be complex and take a lot of time, whereas others don’t require quite so much – it would therefore be unfair to standardise this across our pricing for everyone.

What’s covered by support?

Whilst we’re on the subject of fees, we thought it would be a good idea to further clarify what’s covered by support.

Our ongoing Gold support offering covers the following:

  • The change or repair of an existing piece of equipment to provide an identical or similar function to what it’s already doing. This includes workstations, servers, routers, switches and firewalls.
  • The creation and installation of additional licences where an identical license already exists (more of the same). This includes anti-virus, office subscriptions, hosted exchange, remote management tools etc.
  • New user and deletion requests that are inline with normal day-to-day business requirements

If something falls outside of this remit, there will be a charge and a quote will be required. Basically, if it’s support within the current status quo of your setup, it will be covered by your support agreement, but if it’s a new setup, or modification of new equipment to provide a function not previously provided, it will require a quote.

For those clients on our Silver Support agreement, your support covers the same as Gold, however your onsite visits are chargeable.

If you would like more information about pricing, please do get in touch. We’re always happy to discuss it with you as part of our quest to make our pricing even more transparent and easy to understand.