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What is Windows 365?

At a very basic level, Windows 365 is a recently launched Microsoft service that lets business customers access Cloud PCs, wherever they are – a brand new way of using Windows 10 (or Windows 11 when the update is widely available.) 

Microsoft’s answer to the rise in flexible working

A study conducted by ACAS, reveals that 55% of employers think there’s going to be an increase in staff working out of the office for part of the week. 49% of employers expect staff to be working remotely all of the week. 

That’s a big change in the working landscape, and Windows 365 is Microsoft’s way of addressing some of the challenges which are likely to arise with an increase in hybrid working – part in the office, part remotely – especially. 

Windows 365 is all about delivering the experience of using Windows 10 on a PC, from the cloud to any device. 


Any information is stored in the cloud and not on the device itself, adding an extra element of security for those who need to use personal devices in order to access work flexibly. This is especially important, as the rise in flexible working means the rise in the number of employees who need to access sensitive company data in order to perform their job roles effectively, but potentially from a less secure environment. 

What are the benefits of Windows 365?

Although the rise in working flexibly can be attributed to the pandemic, Microsoft is actually looking to address problems that stretch back further than that. 

Their new service will: 

  • Give workers a greater choice of where to work from
  • Allow employers the peace of mind that their organisation’s data is secure
  • Ensure that specialised roles have access to the critical applications they need
  • Let users log in and start working from where they left off across all devices

It also allows for scaling during busy periods with minimal fuss. Temporary workers can join and leave the team, without needing hardware from the company, or the fuss of their personal devices being made secure.

Using the Cloud makes it easy to manage all of those Cloud PCs when it comes to tasks such as rolling out updates – even when the physical devices are based at various different locations.

Users can stream all of their apps, tools, and data from the Cloud while having the full PC experience, with their Cloud PC starting instantly when booting up their device. 

Who can use Windows 365?

As of August 2nd, 2021, it’s available to businesses of any size from one-man-bands and up. It’s not yet available for general home use though, it’s for business customers only. 

What about Azure Virtual Desktop?

If you’re already working on virtual machines using Azure Virtual Desktop – don’t panic! This isn’t a replacement. Microsoft is continuing to make strides with Azure, for businesses and organisations who need a bit more of a customised solution for their flexible working.

If you’d like to know more about Windows 365 and how it could benefit you and the flexibility of your workforce, please contact us and a member of the team will have a chat with you about what you’re looking to achieve – we’re here to help!