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The Management of Documents in Your Business


Throughout recent decades, technological advancements have revolutionised the way we work and live.

Efficiencies must always be sought in our working methods. Likewise, it applies to the tools we use, since, however tempting and seemingly easy it may seem to stay with our outdated ways of working, they simply won’t allow us to be productive in the future.

For you and the rest of your team to be as effective and efficient as possible, document management is arguably one of the key aspects of your system that needs to be updated.

When used properly, Microsoft SharePoint will give you peace of mind knowing that your documents are secure, while allowing you to access them easily.


The challenges you face daily


To avoid legal repercussions, all businesses in the civilised world must adhere to laws and regulations. There are a variety of data management rules depending on the governing body, but they all revolve around ensuring that documents are stored and managed properly and consistently. Because compliance is a particularly difficult thing to consistently achieve, consulting an expert is highly recommended.


Hard copies are surplus to requirements for most people – tech opens doors to possibilities not possible with paper.  Documents on paper are much more vulnerable to security and privacy threats than electronic documents. Your data can also be destroyed by something as simple as a cup of tea.

The problem with old file servers

Old file servers don’t allow you to work simultaneously on documents – imagine your entire team working on a single document at the same time. Nowadays, remote working practices are becoming more prevalent in teams. As a result, they must be efficient and productive when working remotely. Regardless of where they are, teams must be able to edit and work on documents simultaneously – technology has made it possible for global businesses to operate.

Communication and collaboration are essential for a business owner to increase productivity and output in any industry. A modern business owner knows that teamwork is essential to the success of their company.

You can make all your modern plans a reality with SharePoint.

A cloud-based collaboration and sharing platform, SharePoint allows your team members to collaborate and share documents, presentations, and other files.


What are the benefits of SharePoint?

The purpose of SharePoint is to boost collaboration. Microsoft Teams’ co-authoring feature allows you to share documents with multiple people at once, eliminating the need to share hundreds of copies of the same document. It is no longer necessary to search through the latest version of the same document.

Existing app integration

Microsoft SharePoint seamlessly integrates with your business applications. The program is easy to use and works well with Microsoft Office tools, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams, as well as other office systems.

Improved security

As with any app in the Microsoft ecosystem, SharePoint places safety and integrity at the top of its priorities. By configuring settings, controlling shareability, and remaining compliant with regulatory requirements, you can manage your own security.

The streamlining of business processes

Using SharePoint, you can collect and organise data from all your business activities in one place. Supplier information, customer communications, partner interactions, and a variety of metrics are all stored in SharePoint’s form-based solutions, making it easy to ensure that they are all complementary. By using SharePoint Business Intelligence portals, your employees will be able to make more informed decisions based on updated consumer data, as well as predict future fluctuations in supply and demand so they can adjust their behaviour accordingly.

Task management

Collaboration on projects is easy with SharePoint. After completing a piece of work, users can submit it for review. Upon reviewing the work, the other user can sign off as completed, which will alert other relevant users of the changes. As a result, your team members will no longer need to exchange emails or messages constantly – SharePoint will perform automatic processes and provide quality customer service for them.

SharePoint is the sure-fire way to ensure Slick document management in your organisation. If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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