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Microsoft 365 Copilot Is Out! Here’s How It Will Transform Work as We Know It

The world of work is transforming more rapidly than ever before with the use of generative AI in business. You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT and have even played around with it; using a prompt, it can give you gift ideas, provide answers to questions about complex topics, and even analyse data and create emails and document content for you.

But what if you could bring those capabilities into your Microsoft 365 environment, and get an assistant that is fluent in how your business works, the data it holds, and intelligently cater to your requests at light-speed? What if everyone in your business had access to this assistant? If your heart skipped a beat and your first thought was that would be a game-changer, you’re not alone!

With Copilot now publicly available, we want to get you in the loop about it, what it can do, and how it will impact how we work in the future.


What Is Microsoft Copilot and What Can It Do?

Microsoft Copilot is an intelligent AI assistant that is like ChatGPT, in the sense that it can work with vast amounts of information to help you with answering questions and completing tasks.

This includes drafting up documents for you, creating design ideas for your presentations, analysing data in excel, and pulling information from a range of places in your Microsoft 365 environment to answer questions, such as getting a summary of the status of a project for example. Alongside being specifically tailored to work for your Microsoft 365 tools, unlike ChatGPT, it is not limited to using old data; it is working in real time, making it a fantastic productivity booster and stress saver!

It offers a range of benefits to users, including:

· Saving lots of time that would otherwise be spent roaming around documents, consolidating information, and creating content

· Ensuring that information does not fall through the gaps, empowering better service delivery

· New capabilities like the ability to create new insights and ideas on the fly using existing information

· Personalised assistance, it can learn to write in your style, understand your needs better over time, and tailor itself to benefit your context as a unique user

We’ll take a deeper dive into its abilities shortly, but what about its current status? Which businesses can use it, and how is it available?


Microsoft 365 Copilot Is Now Available for Enterprise Customers…But This Will Likely Change Soon!

As of the 1st of November, Enterprise plan customers can now use Copilot in their business. As Microsoft continues to improve and roll out this technology, we anticipate that businesses on other Microsoft 365 plans will be able to leverage it in a future not too far from now.

If your business is not on an enterprise plan, fret not! You could either switch plans, or get prepared in the meantime. Microsoft has released quite a lot of guidance to help businesses with adopting it

in a more seamless and smooth way; if you’re not using Microsoft 365, this could be another reason to adopt this solution too.

It’s worth keeping Copilot on your radar and weighing up the benefits that it can offer to your unique situation. If you’d like a hand with understanding Copilot and how it can specifically help your organisation, you can also get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help you.


Features of Microsoft 365 Copilot

Let’s take a look at the features through the lens of different tools within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.


Copilot can help users to streamline and empower their communication efforts on Outlook. It can:

· Sum up email threads into key pieces of information and suggest next actions and replies that help you to take your project forward.

· You can use a ‘sound like me’ feature, which is where Copilot adopts your tone of voice and way of writing for you when it drafts emails.

· You can get emails from Copilot that summarise Teams meetings that you could not attend and link you to the recording if it is available.


With Teams being a key place where communication and collaboration meet up, Copilot can really help to bring the two together. Here’s how:

· In real time, it can summarise discussion points and create actions to take away within meetings.

· You can ask Copilot questions about specific Teams chats, and it will use information from them to give you answers.

· More broadly, when you ask Copilot questions on Team’s chats, it can pull information from various sources within your Microsoft 365 environment together, giving you what you need to know, without missing wider contexts.


Copilot will also empower document work. It is able to:

· Summarise documents and find specific information for you.

· It can write content for you and will give you multiple options that you can select, including tone.

· It will be able to dialogue with you to refine its suggestions, and it can create and edit tables, as well as populate them with content.


Copilot will also help users to create stylish and powerful presentations, being able to:

· Create a draft from scratch just by using a prompt.

· Summarise presentation documents for you.

· It can re-structure slides and content for you and refine them with your suggestions.

· It can also help directly with implementing written and visual content on your slides.


Regardless of whether you’re a fan of number-crunching and spreadsheets, Copilot is going to be your Excel amigo! It can:

· Edit, analyse and format datasheets using prompts that you give to it.

· Create formulas and highlight data based on criteria that you give to it, and answer questions about the data, unveiling hidden insights.

· It will be able to work with Microsoft’s Python for Excel feature, meaning in effect it can use written prompts to apply intelligent code into your spreadsheets that can be used to organise and analyse datasets.


The Future with Microsoft 365 Copilot

With tools like Copilot and Google’s Bard coming into inevitably wider adoption, taking the time to understand and consider how these tools can be applied will prove to be a game-changer for many businesses. Of course, Copilot is not going to solve all productivity problems overnight, but it is a big step forward in the world of work.

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, we hope that this summary of Copilot can help and inspire you to take the next steps with transforming how you work, sharpening your competitive edge, empowering your people, and enabling even more exceptional outcomes for your customers!


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