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Creating a fantastic work environment for everyone is incredibly important to us. The benefits of joining the Prodigy team are:

Your opinions are valued

We have whole-team monthly staff meetings where we evaluate the previous month, set goals, discuss new projects, introduce new staff members and very importantly, eat together. With some of the team working remotely, it’s a great opportunity to get together and share ideas.

Have a banana!

Proven to increase motivation and improve memory, there’s always fresh fruit in the office to help yourself to.

Award Winning

In 2016 we were recognised for our efforts, winning the Blackmore Vale Business Award for the best place to work.

Work hard, play hard

One of our core values is enjoyment. Enjoying what we do whilst not being afraid to play as hard as we work. With this in mind, once a quarter we abandon the monthly meeting in favour of a staff outing. This could be anything from trying our hands at archery, to getting creative with clay in a pottery studio or taking a tour of the local brewery.

“After being a part of the Prodigy family for 5 years, it is lovely to work in an environment where everyone’s opinions count. My role evolves constantly and there are always new challenges to be met – our ethos to work hard and play hard is a testament to our attitude to everything we do.”

Tracey – Prodigy IT Solutions

I absolutely love it here. I feel like my opinion is valued, we’re a great team, and it’s just an all-round lovely place to work.

Katie – Prodigy IT Solutions

I’ve been part of the Prodigy team for 4 years now, and I really like that we have monthly team meetings with everyone attending. It would be so easy to feel ‘out of the loop’ working remotely, but I don’t at all – it’s a great team.

Kyle – Prodigy IT Solutions

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