Dorset Property

Creating a cohesive IT strategy across multiple branches

Initial problem

Dorset Property operates from multiple different sites, and while each branch has it’s own independent IT requirements, there needed to be a uniform structure underpinning their IT which would help to standardize file sharing and data access across the business.

The onset of Covid-19, highlighted the need for a more flexible approach to remote working that allowed for staff to stay connected while working from anywhere. They required a unified way for all colleagues to communicate, and work collaboratively, as well as facilitating regular team meetings.

There were frustrations with their email solution which wasn’t allowing for synchronisation across multiple devices which was causing a big problem, especially with it being a key communication tool.

Various different versions of the Microsoft Office suite were installed across the business which was causing compatibility issues with shared documents, as well as making it difficult to administer and keep control of the licences when machines were replaced or distributed to other staff members.

Finally, some of the hardware needed a much-needed refresh.

This might all sound like a lot, but it’s a familiar picture for a lot of businesses who have grown, and don’t have a cohesive IT strategy across the board. If you read this and relate, don’t worry – it’s all fixable! Let’s take a look at how we set about working with Dorset Property to solve their problems.

First steps

With communication between colleagues and with customers absolutely critical, the first thing we looked at was their phones system which wasn’t performing as they needed. We transferred their VoIP solution to Prodigy, and worked with them to create a call flow which made sense, and was completely tailored to their needs.

Next, we started to roll out Office 365 for each user. This became the core foundation for file sharing, compatible MS Office applications including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. And it also gave them the ability to use Teams for collaboration and team meetings. We rolled this out office by office, which was key in order to allow staff to adapt to this new way of working, with our guidance on the new applications.

Once the Office 365 rollout was complete, we proceeded to perform an email migration to Microsoft Hosted Exchange which would eliminate the frustrating syncing issues they were experiencing.

The Solution

The end result, is a happy customer who have adopted a hybrid solution. Embracing cloud technology with the majority of their IT now in the cloud, including phones, emails, MS Office suite, file sharing and backups. Office 365 is now the core solution allowing for remote working with a unified communication approach across the whole of the business. Users can work from anywhere, and access everything they need with ease, but they also have peace of mind that applications and updates are fully managed and kept secure by Prodigy.

We broke the whole process down into smaller steps, and the majority of the migration and setup was carried out remotely and out of hours so we could considerably reduce downtime and disruption to their day-to-day operations

The result

 “The offices are thrilled with the new hardware and emails.  Especially the Teams system which has changed the way we work completely and has been an absolute Godsend given the current lockdown situation.  I think that all the hardware has now been installed and running brilliantly – I cannot tell you how chuffed I am to have got to this position and I just wanted to say thank you so much Ryan for your help and support in this process.  You and the Prodigy Team have been absolutely amazing (and incredibly patient) with dealing with this process.  It has really made my life so much easier.”

Dorset Property