Prototype Electronics

Initial problem

When Prototype initially approached us, they had no centralised server or management over the network for backups and data sharing. Some parts of their network were also running slowly, causing day-to-day operational frustrations. They also weren’t using Hosted Exchange emails, which caused issues with syncing and wasn’t ideal for the way they communicate. Without having a server to handle the permissions and user accounts, there were no permission levels in place with free access to all.

First steps

The most pressing need was for the ability to have a centralised data area for sharing and backups, which would also allow control over which users have access to different kinds of data – really important from a security point of view.

With that in mind, this was the first thing we addressed along with the email migration to Hosted Exchange.


As well as a need for a server solution, Prototype also have team members who work from home and still need to log in to the server. With this in mind, we recommended and installed Windows Remote Desktop Server, alongside Hosted Exchange emails to ensure all communication and calendars were synced, as well as making it easy to add users – particularly important for a business growing on their scale!

Once we’d addressed the main issues, we also implemented business-level routers and firewalls to add more advanced layers of security, produced an IT policy and aided in them gaining their Cyber Essentials certification (particularly important for working with MoD clients), and provided them with new, high spec, managed hardware PCs which they pay for on a monthly basis to replace frustratingly slow older machines.

The result

The solutions we put in place to formulate the backbone of their network, have meant that as the business has grown really quickly – from 20 users to 70 in the time we’ve been working with them – we have been able to accommodate the number of new users, ensure everyone has the permission levels they need, and that home workers have the access to the server they require.

“We are very happy with both the professional and ongoing support provided by Prodigy IT Solutions. They are integral to us maintaining our smooth day to day operations.”
Duane Street
Prototype Electronics

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