Firewall Security

Modern business’ most reliable protection.

Do you need a revolutionary way of delivering firewall and other network security in an effective manner?


Safe & secure against potential threats.

With the sophistication of cyber-attacks higher than ever, a firewall is vital to protect your data, network and devices from potential cyber threats and security breaches.

The benefits of firewall management:

  • Ensure network traffic is scanned for threats and malicious content.
  • Filter Internet traffic to protect your staff from unsuitable content.
  • Intrusion Prevention to block unauthorised attacks on your network.
  • Segregate and prioritise network traffic.


Firewall appliances with WatchGuard

Easy and straightforward to purchase, configure, and deploy, WatchGuard offer a series of appliances called ‘Firebox’. A powerful network security device that controls all traffic between the external network and the trusted network.

WatchGuard Firebox appliances, like all firewalls, are limited by the line speed of available network ports on the appliance. Adding more ports with network modules unlocks the performance capacity of the appliance, allowing it to achieve its maximum potential firewall throughput, while giving you the flexibility to adapt the appliance to the needs of your network.

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A Package for Every Level of Security


Whilst all WatchGuard appliances come with a standard support license, (including full VPN capabilities and built-in SD WAN) both their Basic and Total Security Suite options offer a range of benefits to further the security of your network.