Managed VOIP

VoIP is the future! With a 99.8% guaranteed uptime and the ability to save money on expensive line rental, early adopters of VoIP (including ourselves!) wouldn’t look back.


What is hosted VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which basically means phone service over the internet. Rather than getting your phone service delivered from a traditional phone company, you can get phone service delivered through an internet connection instead.

Prodigy Managed VoIP includes:

  • All-inclusive calls
  • Fraud protection
  • Repair & replacement hardware
  • Free initial setup & install
  • Free handsets


Mobile and flexible working

Whether your business involves being on the go and needing to communicate with clients and colleagues, you want to be able to cater for the occasional working from home request to help support your staff, or you’d like to develop a fail-safe backup plan in case bad weather threatens to stop your team making it into work, VoIP can help with that.

Talk anywhere

With hosted VoIP, you can take your handsets anywhere, plug them into an internet connection and have an instant office. You can also be set up to make and receive calls from your laptop or computer – great for situations where you can’t plan to take your handset.

FREE GUIDE: The small business guide to VoIP: A complete communications service for your business.

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