MS Teams

Used and trusted by companies worldwide, MS Teams is at the forefront of business communication solutions. Video conferencing, chat, file sharing, real-time document editing and much more – all from the same application.


Make project work a doddle

It’s not just communication, it’s organised communication. Invite collaboration across your business, wherever your team might be.

You can create projects within MS Teams with everyone working together in the same space, albeit a cloud-based one. It’s a truly fantastic solution for flexible working.

Within projects you can arrange online meetings without opening your calendar, you can edit and share documents within the project so everyone has access to the most up-to-date versions of project-critical files, and you can even make calls with MS Teams Calling.

MS Teams Laptop and Phone

MS Teams devices

There is a multitude of compatible hardware to tailor your teams experience exactly as you’d like it, with headsets, speakerphones, web cameras, and desk phones and Teams displays you can even set up an entire room to work with Teams, which is an excellent option if going forward some staff will be working from the office while others are at home.

Mobile app

If you need to stay in the loop while on the go, download the app to your smartphone or tablet to stay up to date without being tied to your desk.

MS Teams key features

The features don’t stop there either:


Teams integrates with other applications and workflows to suit your business down to the ground. By integrating with project management, productivity, or industry-specific apps, you can create your own bespoke communication system with everything you need.

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Screen sharing

Give presentations, walk through instructions, or show examples of what you’re talking about by sharing your screen, so everyone in a Teams meeting can see what you’re seeing.

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Custom backgrounds

You can choose and upload your own custom background, or blur your environment to create your ideal virtual setting.

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Together mode

You can even set up a shared background, so you can all conduct your meeting from a desert island, if you’d like. When you’re all a distance apart, it’s a great way to feel like you’re all in the same room.

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