The Cloud

Utilise cloud technology to gain a business advantage. It’s a powerful tool for storing files and software, and for facilitating collaboration across your business.


What is the Cloud?

‘The cloud’ is just a short name for ‘cloud computing’ which is a term referring to the idea of using someone else’s computers over the internet for things like storing data and running programs rather than saving them locally on your PC or laptop.

Unlike their physical counterparts, cloud-based servers have low, or even zero, up-front costs. They can expand or contract to meet the unique demands of your business, you can access them anywhere, they’re lower maintenance, and there’s no hardware to refresh every 5 years allowing you to invest in other areas of your business.


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Benefits of Cloud technology

With so many options when it comes to data storage, we know it can become overwhelming when you’re looking to decide which option is best for your business. If you’d like to learn more then please do contact us, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about options.

High performance & lower maintenance

The IT industry generally recommends replacing hardware at least every 5 years. If you use cloud services for things like backup and disaster recovery, you don’t need to worry about updating those, your provider will keep you automatically up to date.

Cloud computing makes data backup and disaster recovery much easier and less expensive as a full image of your business files and software can be taken and quickly re-deployed to your machines if there is an issue.

FREE GUIDE: Migrating to the cloud: A complete guide for small-medium businesses.

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